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I was referred to Mr. Boss by a friend when I needed a contract and business agreement drawn up. From the initial phone conversation, I felt confident that I had found an excellent attorney. When we met face to face, my initial comfort was confirmed, as I felt at ease, as he's a nice guy too. Mr. Boss brought up points and issues that I never would have thought of. As a result, he put together very impressive contracts for me that not only benefited me, but also protected the business. I highly recommend Donald Boss, and am thankful to my friend for the referral.

Steve F.

He was very responsible and reliable. He understood what I needed. He took the time to explain the laws to me. He also made me aware of possible consequences for actions. He always treated me with respect. I would recommend him highly. Thank you, Don.

Kathy F.

Donald Boss has handled business sales/partnership transactions for me, and for my family and friends. His approach in each case has been thorough and conscientious. He writes and reviews business contracts in order to ensure that they address all potential scenarios and protect his clients' best interests. Don is an excellent listener and explains issues clearly without a lot of complex legal jargon. In addition, he is trustworthy and ethical. I will continue to consult him and to refer others to him in the future.

Susan G.

My husband and I originally came to Don Boss about 7 years ago with our parents to set up all of our estate planning. It's not always easy to discuss these issues. He made us feel comfortable and at ease while listening closely to each of our wants and needs offering compassionate and dedicated representation. Over the years, as our parents went through major health issues and eventually passed, the trusts Don set up with them effectively clarified each of their wishes making everything easy on the family to carry through. During an emotionally difficult time it is nice to know we have a competent and honest lawyer whose first concern is protecting our family. We would highly recommend Don Boss to anyone looking for a trustworthy lawyer who always has your back.

Debbie T.

I made the mistake of trying to purchase a dental practice without a lawyer. I decided not to go through with the deal and then received a threatening letter from a law firm requesting thousands of dollars in damages. Mr. Boss reviewed all of the agreements, pointed out that I was within my rights to back out of the deal, and then wrote the “big law firm” a very threatening letter. I never heard from them again.

Michael M.

I highly recommend Donald Boss for any legal services pertaining to real estate. Don has represented me several times since the early 1990's. He has handled all my estate work and all legal work towards the formation of my LLC's. He has also handled several legal matters related to my commercial real estate brokerage business. Don is very fair, honest, and extremely competent and diligent. I also always feel very comfortable referring my own clients to Don for real estate and estate legal matters.

William A. Herd

I was the Executor of a Will with a trust benefiting two beneficiaries, myself and an estranged family member. When this responsibility was thrust on me I was busy with my business, refused to contact the second beneficiary and mostly ignored Don's direction and advice. Don chased me down, forcefully explained my legal obligations and laid out my detailed "To Do" list. Don made it as easy as possible for me but never relented on meeting deadlines and getting things done. Don knew his stuff and how to manage at least one difficult client.

Neil C.

Don has represented my dental practice and my family for nearly twenty years. I have found Don to be informative, knowledgeable, and very helpful with all me legal needs. If I have an issue that is not in his area of expertise, he will find the best lawyer to handle that matter.

Alen B.

Mr. Boss has represented our corporation for nearly fifteen years. He handled a very contentious matter between the owners and was able to work out a satisfactory resolution between the shareholders thereby avoiding needless litigation.

Sandra B.

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